Network Design & Implementation

Whether your business is currently networked or not, an analysis of your specific computing needs must be addressed to begin designing a network solution. This network analysis includes identifying all hardware currently used, network type to be implemented, network protocols in use, cabling media, Network Operating Systems used, and client software being used for work productivity.

Network Design

CD Multimedia Gallery will design an effective and economical network solution for any size business. The key measurement of an effective network is employee productivity. This means high "up-times" for network servers, stable employee workstations, and reliable network resources. To accomplish this objective, high quality hardware must be used. Likewise, careful consideration of the network configuration, wiring type, network protocols and Network Operating System is necessary to ensure smooth operation. Also the network resources to be utilized need to be documented and mapped to the workplace. Finally, a plan for network management, network security, system administration, network backups, as well as support, must be developed based on your companies needs. The Master's Computer Consulting will provide a working diagram of the proposed network configuration in conjunction with the project proposal.

Network Implementation

We realize design is only the first step in a project, implementing the design is also crucial. To make sure all the equipment is delivered, tested and configured in a timely fashion, we consult with you on every step and work around your schedules to minimize disturbances. Technicians who are specialized in the technologies required for the project are assigned to the project. With our diverse talents on staff we are able to assist in a wide variety of different requirements.