Internet Bandwidth Solution

Being able to measure and control network performance within an organization is crucial to a network’s efficiency and its users. It is vital, therefore, that businesses are able to identify the causes of heavy traffic or congestion that occur within their network and control it.

As companies deploy more and more networked applications and services to support day-to-day operations and to stay competitive, many organizations struggle to stay within budget while ensuring that sufficient communication resources are available to achieve acceptable service performance. To prevent traffic congestion and poor performance within such a complex business network organizations use network bandwidth management to maintain optimal accessibility and utilization of business-critical applications and information.

Available bandwidth is a key influencer on networked application performance and speed. When a company needs to address bandwidth concerns that have been causing slow traffic or limited to no access, applying the appropriate bandwidth management solution is essential to remedying the situation. With effective tools, an organization's network bandwidth management tools will give the network operator complete control over network utilization and traffic prioritization.