Hotels Wi-Fi Solution

Hotels have finally realized that WiFi is a must-have, something that tops the wish list of many potential guests. But the rush to quickly set-up hotel WiFi networks, coupled with the fact that wireless fidelity is still a fairly new technology, means that consistent wireless internet access, pricing, and service, is not a given across hotel brands, small hotel groups or even from the lobby to your room.

Key Benefits of Hotels Wifi Solution:

  • Employee Access: Secure, convenient wireless Internet access for employees from anywhere in the campus, authenticated against employee databases.
  • Visitor Access: Visitors visiting these corporate hotels are allowed to use the Wi-Fi service in their campus through a structured, enterprise-regulated registration process.
  • Service Provider class solution in an enterprise scale appliance.

Our products are applicable to the following markets

  • Enterprise deployments
  • Large Hospitality networks
  • Hotels
  • Restaurents
  • Cafe Shops
  • Private Offices
  • Small municipality and other metro-area deployments