Wireless ISP Solution

The Web has become so rich with multimedia content that ISP networks everywhere are being overwhelmed with a rising demand for bandwidth. Regardless of your deployment area — whether it is urban, suburban, or rural — broadband wireless Internet access solutions and wireless extensions are by far the most cost effective and fastest ways to reach the most possible customers.

One important consideration for any ISP is how to deliver the bandwidth to each base station. Building a network infrastructure using traditional copper cable or fiber network connections can take a lot of time and can be prohibitively expensive. The preferred method for building your network is with high-capacity wireless solutions make it incredibly easy for any Internet Service provider to inject additional bandwidth capacity into your existing network or to expand your network.

Key Advantages

  • Performance – It delivers lots of bandwidth at great distances. New customers can be added to the network without any noticeable hit on overall speed.

  • Dependability – It utilizes latest Technology to communicate across great distances with inherently dependable, efficient, and secure. You can spend more time acquiring more customers and less time maintaining or repairing the network.

  • Manageability – It was designed to provide the complete control over its wireless network. All feature comprehensive management interfaces including Telnet, HTTP, and SNMP built right into the radio. Network operators have full access to the radios to monitor performance, optimize the network, add or modify subscribers. Using SNMP, operators can be alerted to any potential problem on their network.