• Multi Location Connectivity Solution

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    Cogent Biometric Solution

    We offer most advances boimatrix solution which has delivered some of the fastest and most accurate systems to customers all over the world. Their total cost of ownership is lower than competing solutions because our systems are backward-compatible with earlier versions, interoperable with a variety of industry-standard software and hardware platforms, and able to scale linearly in performance to meet customers' evolving needs.

  • Software Development

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    Software Development

    We are experts in rapid custom software development of distributed and standalone applications designed to meet your organization's specific requirements and business needs. We follow proven practices that allow for successful project completion, and deliver solutions that exceed customer expectations.

  • Wireless ISP Solution


    Wireless ISP Solution

    The Web has become so rich with multimedia content that ISP networks everywhere are being overwhelmed with a rising demand for bandwidth. Regardless of your deployment area - whether it is urban, suburban, or rural - broadband wireless Internet access solutions and wireless extensions are by far the most cost effective and fastest ways to reach the most possible customers.

  • CCTV Security Solution

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    CCTV Security Solution

    CCTV Security Solutions is dedicated to providing customers with personal protection as well as protection for business and residential assets. In a world of highly technical and advanced criminal methods, CCTV Security Solutions can detour those methods, provide personal security for individuals and their assets as well as provide peace of mind.

  • Website Development

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    Website Development

    Having a website or product is just not enough. If your product or brand is suffering from a lack of visibility, then you might be sitting on potential revenue. We help you to plan a marketing campaign and manage it throughout. We follow a measurable and planned approach to get your brand or product out to the market and get it noticed by millions.

  • Website Development

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    3rd Party Software Retailers

    CD Multimedia Gallery is a leading hub for software products. We provide you software from the list of thousands of discounted software products with prices that are almost always the lowest available in the country. Our store features the the software industry's leading publishers, including Microsoft, Intuit, Symantec, Adobe, Nuance and hundreds of others.

  • Hotels Wi-Fi Solution


    Hotels Wi-Fi Solution

    Hotels have finally realized that WiFi is a must-have, something that tops the wish list of many potential guests. But the rush to quickly set-up hotel WiFi networks, coupled with the fact that wireless fidelity is still a fairly new technology, means that consistent wireless internet access, pricing, and service, is not a given across hotel brands, small hotel groups or even from the lobby to your room.

  • Campus Wi-Fi Solution

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    Campus Wi-Fi Solution

    We cater all the WiFi needs of educational institutions. This allows augmentation of their wireless infrastructure with secure student, employee and visitor authentication policies with convenient wireless Internet access from anywhere in the campus.

  • Desktop & Server Maintenance

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    Desktop & Server Maintenance

    Managing desktop & server assets is a resource intensive responsibility. When their hardware fails, it can cause indescribable damage to your business. In addition, with numerous desktops distributed throughout your office, complex and unpredictable lifecycle management can result. Our clients have listed these unplanned expenses and budget overruns as huge concerns.

  • Solar Power Solution


    Solar Power Solution

    Electricity is the most basic and essential requirement in sustaining & improving the quality of life. Uninterrupted supply of electricity upon demand for various usages like households, urban & rural communities, commercial establishments, offices, health center & Industries is the most basic of requirements to ensure improvement in quality of life, productivity & fuel the economic growth.

  • RF tower / Bts Installation

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    RF tower / Bts Installation

    We provides a comprehensive solution for RF/Bts surveys, by Our experienced engineers who will provide you with the most viable site based on your planning.The highly experienced survey team makes sure that you get the most optimal locations for your sites.

  • Internet Bandwidth Solution

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    Internet Bandwidth Solution

    Being able to measure and control network performance within an organization is crucial to a network's efficiency and its users. It is vital, therefore, that businesses are able to identify the causes of heavy traffic or congestion that occur within their network and control it.

  • Network Design & implementation

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    Network Design & implementation

    Whether your business is currently networked or not, an analysis of your specific computing needs must be addressed to begin designing a network solution. This network analysis includes identifying all hardware currently used, network type to be implemented, network protocols in use, cabling media, Network Operating Systems used, and client software being used for work productivity.

  • Multi Location Connectivity Solution

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    Multi Location Connectivity Solution

    Companies with multilocation officies or separate branch offices interstate or overseas, can achieve major call cost-savings, substantial telephony infrastructure savings, and Mobility Extension /Mobile integration functionality by installing a Multi-Office telephony solution from Hypermedia.

  • Multi Location Connectivity Solution

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    Data & HDD Recovery Solution

    Our years of experience in Data Recovery HDRC has the knowledge, Expertise ,Tools and Equipment to Recover Data from any capacity hard drive or of any configurations. Our all Data Recovery Services comes with low cost pricing and upto 100% satisfaction guarantee on Data Recovery alongwith Diagnose and No Data No Fee until your data has been recovered .

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